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Sorcery spells are learned by school lore. To learn a sorcery spell a character must spend one game week, and have a book or source of training available. The player must then make a school or sorcery lore roll, overcoming the difficulty of the spell. To research a sorcery spell from scratch, a character must also spend a week, and critical his sorcery lore roll, overcoming the difficulty of the spell. Sorcery lore is necessary to research a spell because sorcery lore involves deep knowledge of the structure of sorcery, while school lore does not.

When learned, sorcery spells start out at an effective skill of four. They may be increased as magickal skills, following the normal skill increase roll.

Each point of spell costs 1 MP to cast, and the total spell can be no greater than the skill of the caster in that spell. The ability to use manipulations is considered factored into spell skill. Thus, a character who has just learned a spell can do up to four points of manipulation. The manipulations:

Intensity: one point per point of effect;













Self or touch


Until Sunrise, moonrise whichever comes next


20 paces


Entire day


Short bow range


7 days


Long bow range


1 Month


Vision range


1 Season


One days march


1 Year


Seven days march (140-150 miles)


7 Years


One Months march (600 miles)


49 Years


One Seasons march (1800 miles)


Ease: subtracts 1 point per point of Ease used, up to a maximum of half the magic point cost of the spell. Magic point cost reduction due to Ease always comes last, after modifiers for wands and other enchantments.

Subtlety: each point of subtlety hides two points of other manips. This can be beaten by a character using both a form of magical perception and the Spot Hidden skill, if he has the higher successful die roll.

Multispell: If multiple targets are available, visible at the same time and within range of the spell, they may be attacked by paying the intensity cost to attack each target separately. Range, Duration, etc to attack the second, third, etc targets are free.

Sorcerors who do not belong to a school have a more difficult time of it. They must use Sorcery Lore to learn spells. Sorcery Lore is a hard skill as defined in the skill section above.

Sorcery spells are cast by rolling skill or less on D20. If intended to affect a resisting target, the spell is treated as opposed in spell vs. spell combat by the POW of the defender. Thus, a sorcerer casting Engulfing Darkness against a POW 17 enemy, is in a very similar position to a warrior swinging a sword against an enemy with a 17 parry.

Some sorcery spells can only be learned by students of particular schools, or advanced sorcerors. These will be indicated by a line right below the effects of manipulations line. For example, Insignificance is Rare, and can only be learned from the Jakaleel school, or by sorcerors who are 15+ in Sorcery Lore. These spells require either a specialized or an advanced understanding of sorcery to comprehend. Rare spells can only be learned with the specific consent of the GM, and the GM should consider carefully both the likelihood that the rare spell could be learned in the game context and the possible impact on the campaign of letting characters learn them.

Sorcery Spells


Age At A Snail's Pace
Except Duration, effects of manipulations are normal
Sorcery Lore Difficulty 15

This spell slows aging, reducing the effective aging for the duration of the spell to the next lower time on the duration chart. Thus, 15 points of duration reduce a season's aging to a month, etc.

Effects of Manipulations are standard

This spell gives magic points to another caster, which he can use to cast spells, either immediately or for the duration of the spell. Each intensity point of aid allows transfer of up to three more magic points to the character being helped. Under no circumstances does Aid allow the character being helped to end up with more than twice his Power in magic points. Aid cannot be used to help the caster, nor can Aid spells of long duration be used to transfer more than a total of three magic points per point of intensity.

Absence of the Spirit

Effects of Manipulations are standard

Sorcery Lore Difficulty, 5; Jakaleel Lore Difficulty 15; Malkion Lore Difficulty 5.

This spell breaks the connection between the material and the spirit plane, in effect withdrawing the target's spirit from the spirit plane. This basic effect requires five magic points of intensity, each additional magic point of intensity is added to the spellcasting die roll, if the adjusted die roll is greater than the caster's skill at casting the spell the result counts as critical as defined below.

A normal success in casting Absence of the Spirit allows a spirit the target is engaged with in spirit combat to react. This reaction can take two forms, pursuit of the target onto the normal plane, if the spirit engaging the target is capable of manifesting in the physical world; or forcing the target to remain in spirit combat, if it damages the target in spirit combat during the round. A critical success withdraws the target's spirit from the spirit plane immediately, without allowing a spirit engaging the target time to react. Absence of the Spirit cannot be cast on disembodied, discorporate, or spiritwalking spirits. The target cannot affect, or be affected by, discorporate, disembodied, or spiritwalking spirits for the duration of the spell.

Aura of Power

Effect of Manipulations are standard

Sorcery Lore 10 Difficulty, School Lore (any), 10 difficulty

Each three points of intensity adds 1 effective point of POW for purposed of spell resistance and spirit combat.


Arcane Will

Effects of Manipulations are Standard

Sorcery Lore:10, Jakaleel Lore:0, Malkion Lore:0, ZorakArkat Lore:5

This spell strengthens both the ability to cast and the ability to resist magic - each three points of intensity buys a reroll when attacking or defending against spells. This reroll is automatically invoked whenever a spell overcomes the beneficiary's resistance, or when the beneficiary casts a spell successfully, but does not overcome his target's resistance.

No more than one reroll is allowed for a particular casting or resistance attempt. The strength of Arcane will is reduced, even if the reroll fails. When intensity is reduced to zero, Arcane Will ends. Arcane Will helps when resisting Divine Magic, but not when casting it.


Effects of Manipulations are standard

Sorcery Lore Difficulty 5, Malkion 0, Jakalleel Lore 5

Increases perception skills, adding one point for the first point of intensity, two points of skill for three points of intensity, three points of skill for six points of intensity, four points of skill for ten points of intensity, five points of skill for fifteen points of intensity, etc.,


Blast of Air
Effects of Manipulations are standard

Sorcery Lore Difficulty 5, Malkion 0

 Compare the skill roll to cast, plus twice the intensity of the spell, to the SIZ or DEX of the target, whichever is higher. If skill roll to cast plus twice intensity, is greater, then the target is blown to the ground, and cannot move that turn. If the player of the target rolls higher than his DEX on D20, the targets suffers one wound, or if a fragile object, is broken. The blast may cover more than one human size target. If it does, though, each pace away from the central target the other targets are located at costs one point of intensity, which is not counted in the direct effect. For example, three people advancing one pace apart, reduce effective intensity for purposes of blowing the target to the ground by one. Two pace separation reduces effective intensity by two, etc. A critical roll when casting Blast of Air blows the enemy to the ground automatically and automatically inflicts one wound. If the player of the target rolls higher than DEX on D20, the target is incapacitated.


Block Healing
Effects of manipulations are standard
Jakaleel lore, Black Arkat lore, Sorcery Lore Difficulty 15

Cast on a weapon, this spell forces the caster of any healing spell to overcome: (POW of the Caster, plus one for each intensity point of the spell) in spell vs POW combat if he wants his healing spell to succeed. Thus, Heal Wound could be blocked and the assasin's victim continue to be exposed to the risk of death. This spell is not much used in normal combat, because most of the time people don't care as much about making sure incapacitated enemies die as they do about winning the fight.

This applies to all damage, not just wound damage, so if a weapon does burn or other exotic damage, the appropriate heal spells would also be blocked. This spell may be combined with a spell such as Clingfire, blocking attempts to heal the damage done by the spell; or it may be cast on summoned creatures such as elementals, affecting their attacks.


Calling on the Earth
Effects of Manipulations are Standard
Sorcery Lore Difficulty 10, Malkion Lore Difficulty 5

Each point of intensity adds 4 to a character's effective POW, for the purpose of regaining magic points only, for the spell's duration. It can never more than than double a character's effective POW for this purpose, nor does it have any other effect.


Call of Health

Effects of Manipulations Standard

Sorcery Lore Difficulty 5, Malkion Lore Difficulty 0, Jakaleel Lore Difficulty 10, ZorakArkat Lore Difficulty 10

This spell improves natural healing, intensifying the body's normal tendency to restore itself to health. The game effect is that the player of a character under the nfluence of this spell may roll twice any time a constitution or wound gain/loss due to incapacitation roll is called for, and take the better result. This effect costs 3 Intensity points to produce. Also, whenever a character would naturally gain one wound, he gains two.


Effects of Manipulations standard except duration which is 1 round per point. '

Sorcery Lore Difficulty 5, Malkion 5, Jakalleel Lore 5

 The effect of Clingfire is to attack the target with fire, 1 point of intensity provides a 1D6 lethality weapon, 2 points of intesnity provides a 1D8 lethality weapon, 4 points of intensity provides a 1D10, and 6 points of intensity provides a 1D12 lethality, for the a duration in rounds equal to the duration manipulation of the spell. This damage is burn damage, and will not be affected by healing spells or herbs specifically listed as targeting wound damage. The caster of Clingfire must overcome his target in a spell vs spell roll. If he fails to overcome his target, Clingfire has no effect. Clingfire does not benefit from the automatic one additional wound if maximum lethality die is rolled rule, unless the Clingfire spell has at least four points of intensity.

Normal armor protects the target from the first round of Clingfire damage, but does not affect damage in subsequent rounds.



Effects of Manipulations are standard

Jakaleel Lore

This spell, invisible to Mystic Vision, blocks the Reveal sorcery spell. Unlike reveal, the sorceror need not have the object or rune of the thing concealed on his person; conceal may be cast by drawing the rune of the thing concealed on the ground or even in the air at the time of casting.


Cushion Impact:
Effects of Manipulations are standard

Sorcery Lore Difficulty 5, Malkion 0, Jakalleel Lore 0


Each point of intensity of Cushion Impact reduces the lethality of a blow by two points. Lethality reduction is restricted to lowering lethality from incapacition to wounding, or wounding to no effect. An incapacitating blow cannot be cushioned down to no effect. As points of intensity are used to reduce the effectiveness of blows, they are lost - for example reducing an incapacitating eleven down to seven costs two points of intensity, which are subtracted from the intensity with which the spell was cast - thus a four point of intensity spell could do this twice. This spell is cumulative with normal armor enhancing spells, even if divine or spirit magic.


Damage Boosting
Effects of Manipulations are standard

Sorcery Lore Difficulty 5, Malkion 0, Jakalleel Lore 0

Two points of intensity is plus one to lethality, four points is plus two, eight points plus three, sixteen points plus four, etc. This spell is cast upon a weapon, not a fighter.


Damage Resistance
Effects of Manipulations are standard

Sorcery Lore Difficulty 5, Malkion 0, Jakalleel Lore 0

Two points of intensity are minus one to lethality, four points minus two, eight points minus three, sixteen points minus four, etc. This spell is usually cast on clothes or armor, and protects the wearer.


Engulfing Darkness
Effects of Manipulations standard except duration which is 1 round per point.

Sorcery Lore Difficulty 5, Malkion 10, Jakalleel Lore 0

This creates a globe of darkness, centered around a point, or individual chosen by the caster. If targeted on an individual, the caster must succeed in a spell vs spell roll, but if he beats the opposition by less than the intensity this is both a fear spell and a blinding spell. The fear effect is that the enemy must run away from the last known position of the caster; the blinding effect is that all skills which depend on vision are reduced for two points per point of intensity in the Engulfing Darkness. If the caster of Engulfing Darkness fails to win the spell vs. spell roll, but his spell works, he gets a globe centered right between the target's eyes. The radius of the globe is one foot per point of intensity.


Evoke the Inner Weapon
Effects of Manipulations are standard, except that Duration is delayed effect and range is not applicable.
Jakaleel Lore, Sorcery Lore Difficulty 15

Cast upon a small item, such as a ring, this spell allows anyone aware of the spell or touching it to convert it into a dagger or sword. This is done by saying a keyword, spoken at the time the spell is cast. To create a dagger costs 2 points of intensity, to create a short sword costs 5. This spell will not work on any item with a life rune on it, or non death rune magic attached.


Expose the Lie
Effects of Manipulations are Standard
Malkion/Malakin lore, Sorcery Lore Difficulty 15

Each point of intensity allows a particular statement, of up to one sentence in length, to be analyzed as true or false. This spell must overcome the resistance of the speaker, since it relies on physical consequnces of nervousness due to lying to succeed. Expose the lie will be ineffective if the speaker has been tortured, is possesed, or is otherwise in a state where desire to please or compulsion is far more important to him than the truth or falsity of what he is saying. Expose the Lie exposes lies, it does not reveal truth. Thus, if the speaker is misinformed, Expose the Lie will not reveal his error.


Fire Rain

Duration is One Round Only, Other Effects of Manipulations are Standard

Sorcery Lore Difficulty 10

Causes a rain of droplets of red fire, in game effect being the same as attacking the characters below it with a D12 Firespear. Each character affected costs 1 Magic Point, plus a base cost of 4, thus attacking six characters with this spell would cost ten points, but ten characters would only cost 14. Only characters who would be exposed to normal rain are affected.  Characters inside structures, tunnels, etc are protected.  Note that this spell is always a hard skill.

Follow Fashion
Effects of Manipulations are standard
Jakaleel lore, Sorcery Lore Difficult 5

This spell allows the caster to change one or more of the following features: hair color, eye color, shape of nose, breast size (if female), size of ears. One change costs 1 point of intensity, two changes require three points of intensity, three changes require six points of intensity, four changes require ten points of intensity, five changes require fifteen points of intensity. The change may be to any naturally occurring size or color; at double intensity costs colors may be changed to colors that do not occur naturally.

While most players will probably think of this as a disguise spell, it is more often used in the big lunar cities as a beauty spell - if blonde hair and blue eyes are in this season, a society lady would go to the local sorceress and ask for a casting of this. Thus the apparently odd name.

Hide the Message
Effects of Manipulations are Standard, except that 1 point of Duration buys an indefinite duration
Jakaleel Lore, Sorcery Lore Difficulty 15

Hides the writing on a scroll, until dispelled. The effect is to create an apparently blank scroll or parchment, which may itself be written on. Writing over the hidden message will be erased when this spell is dispelled. Each point of intensity hides approximately one modern normal page worth of message.


Illusory Wall

Duration Indefinite, Other Effects of Manipulations are Standard

Sorcery Lore only

This spell conceals a door, or gate, by making it look exactly like an adjacent section of wall.  A critical spot hidden roll will detect that something is fishy, because the similarity is too great.  This is not a tactile illusion, so anyone feeling the wall who touches the right spot will find the handle.  The Duration component of this spell always costs five magic points, but the resulting duration lasts until someone opens the door or gate concealed.  Like most illusions, this spell is always a hard skill.


Mask of the Hag
Effects of Manipulations are standard
Jakaleel Lore only

This spell gives the caster the appearance of an incredibly ugly crone, so that those looking at her are looking at an image of Jakaleel herself. Looking at this image long enough to strike at it is difficult; requiring the overcoming of a difficulty equal to the intensity point cost of the spell. This spell cannot be penetrated by magical means to reveal the true identity of the caster. It is often user by Jakaleeli who wish to hide their own idenity behind the Mask of the Hag - many investigators have felt frustrated when their Vision From The Past spell merely reveals the Mask of the Hag.

Rhetoric, Bargaining and similar social skills cannot be used while wearing the Mask of the Hag.


Hearing Projection
Effects of Manipulations are standard

Sorcery Lore Difficulty 5, Malkion 0, Jakalleel Lore 0

This spell is exactly like vision projection, except that the caster's ear rather than eye is projected. Note that this means that spells cannot be targeted indirectly through hearing projection, though they may be targeted against an eavesdropper using hearing projection.


Image Intensification
Effects of Manipulations are standard

Sorcery Lore Difficulty 5, Malkion 0, Jakalleel Lore 0

This spell offsets minuses to perception skills resulting from poor light. It will not allow vision in complete darkness, but does improve vision if there is any light at all. Each intensity point of Image Intensification offsets five difficulty points resulting from low light levels. Thus one intensity point eliminates a difficulty of five, two of ten, three of fifteen. One intensity point will be partially effective, thus a difficulty of fifteen will be reduced to ten by one point of intensity. This spell is not obvious, and the eyes of the beneficiary continue to look normal.


Image Resolution
Effects of most manipulations are standard.

Sorcery Lore Difficulty 5, Malkion 0, Jakalleel Lore 0

This spell allows the caster to view a particular point he can see, as if he were standing there, if he casts a range component sufficient to get the spell there. The advantage of this, relative to Vision Projection, is that the user does not become vulnerable to spells as if he were there, nor does he lose vision from his current location. But he cannot move it, or cast spells through it. This basic effect costs one point of intensity. The image resolved may be changed by the caster at any time during the spell's duration.


The Incredible Lightness of Being (a.k.a. Magic Carpet)

Sorcery Lore 5+, Malkion Lore, Jakaleel Lore 5+

Effects of Manipulations are standard

It allows the caster to lift an inanimate object and anything on top of it into the air and move it around.  Malkioni most often cast this on a capet, while most Jakaleeli prefer broomsticks.  Each intensity allows the lifting of 3 size points including the weight of the carpet/broomstick.  Broomsticks are ususally 1 size while  carpets vary from 1 size for a welcome mat to size 20+ for a large oriental rug suitable for a Great Hall.  In general, a rug can carry one person or pack for each point of size.  Any excess lifting  capacity can be used for 1 hex (3 meters?) of movement.  One unit of vertical movement costs two units of horizontal movement.  If the object leaves spell range it is no longer controllable by the  caster and falls to the earth.  Guiding the object requires one action and any complex maneuvering will require a successful spell skill roll. Otherwise the object will continue moving however the caster last directed it to until the direction or range expires. Also, actions broomsticks carried out from the back of broomsticks require a riding roll, but a lance can be used and does not require an additional action (don't know why you'd want to since a broomstick does not have a meaningful damage bonus).


effects of manipulations are standard
Rare - Jakaleel Lore, Sorcery Lore Difficulty 15

The first point of Insignificance forces other characters who are looking for or at the Insignificant one to make Spot Hidden Rolls if they wish to see him. Each additional point of Intensity adds one to the resistance to Spot Hidden. Insignificance is temporarily suppressed if the Insignificant character does something dramatic, violent, or obviously important. This suppressions lasts until one round after the end of the suppressing action.


Magic Missile
Duration: Instant, Other Manipulations normal

Sorcery Lore Difficulty 5, Jakaleel Lore Difficulty 5, Malkion Lore Difficulty:0


This spell creates magical missiles, which are treated as darts thrown with a to hit chance equal to the chance to cast the spell, with a lethality of 1D8, but which ignore armor letality minuses. Magic which protects again incoming spells is ignored, but magic which reduces lethality die rolls, or absorbs wounds, is effective. Thus, Shield II does not absorb the missiles, does affect their lethality with a -2 to the lethality die.

Each missile costs 3 Magic points of intensity to create.

Archery difficulty resistance due to low visibility or cover apply vs. Magic Missile, other difficulty resistance does not. 


Mystic Light
effects of manipulations are standard.

Sorcery Lore Difficulty 0, Malkion 0, Jakalleel Lore 0

Each point of intensity adds two meters to the radius of the circle lit around the point or object on which the spell is cast. This spell normally produces a soft amber light; other colors may be produced for double the intensity cost. The light produced is even in intensity, and about as bright as a 40 watt light bulb here on Earth. If cast on an enemy, it will subtract 2 from all his skill rolls, but this requires overcoming his POW roll, and there are much better offensive spells available.


Mystic Block
Effects of Manipulations are standard

Sorcery Lore Difficulty 5, Malkion 10, Jakalleel Lore 0

This spell attempts to conceal the presence of spells on the target. If the enemy caster fails to overcome the POW of the caster, plus twice the intensity of the block, with his roll plus twice the intensity of his sensing spell {each point of divine magic counting as 4 pts of intensity}, the block conceals the presence and nature of all spells on the target including itself.


Mystic Lock
Effects of Manipulations are standard, except that indefinite duration comes at a cost of one point

Sorcery Lore Difficulty 5, Malkion 0, Jakalleel Lore 0

This spell creates a magical, as opposed to mechanical lock. The caster, and possibly some other people designated by him at the time of casting, then become the only ones who can open it. The first other person costs one point of intensity; the second costs two more for a total of three, etc. Addiitonal intensity may be added for the purpose of making spell harder to dispell. This must be placed on something that can be opened (and thus locked), (i.e., doors, cabinets, etc).


Mystic Vision:
Effects of manipulations are standard.

Sorcery Lore Difficulty 5, Malkion 0, Jakalleel Lore 0

One point of Intensity allows the character upon whom it is cast to see whether or not something is magical. Two points allow identification of the magic by type and intent {i.e. spirit, divine or sorcerous; offensive, defensive, support}. Four points allow estimation of the approximate power, counting each point of divine magic as four points of intensity; it also allows the viewer to use an appropriate lore skill {sorcery, god or spirit lore} to attempt to identify the exact power and source of the spell. Eight points allow the viewer to attempt to Spot Hidden spells, using the Intensity of his Mystic Vision as if a skill or spell rolled on the opposing skills or spells chart. Example, a character has hidden one of his magic items, inside a scarf. Mystic Vision 8 is effectively an 8 point Spot Hidden skill, in looking for hidden magic items. It also allows exact identification of the caster, and in the case of divine spells, deity involved in casting, if no attempt at magically hiding this information has been made.


Neutralize Magic
Effects of manipulations are standard

Sorcery Lore Difficulty 5, Malkion 0, Jakalleel Lore 0

Add the intensity doubled, plus the skill roll to cast, and compare it to the intensity plus the POW of the other caster. If the Neutralize magic number is higher, it wins. If the defending intensity plus POW of caster is higher, neutralize fails to dispell the opposing spell. Each point of a divine spell counts as four points of intensity. The magic point cost to cast of a spirit magic spell counts as its intensity. Neutralize magic _will_ suppress enchantments, as if they were spells with the POW cost of the enchantment multiplied by four of intensity; but a suppressed enchantment will come back to normal when the duration of the Neutralize Magic spell ends.


Object Reading
Effects of manipulations, except Duration, are standard Malakin/Malkion and Sorcery Lore Difficulty 15 only

This spell analyzes the nature, past use, and associations by the magical principle of sympathy, of an object, which need not be magical. The first piece of information costs one intensity point, two pieces of information, three intensity points; three pieces of information, six intensity points; four pieces of information, ten intensity points; five pieces of information, fifteen intensity points.

Object reading works only once per object per caster. The information desired may be specified by the caster; thus the caster could ask if a dagger was used to commit a particular crime; how the dagger is enchanted; who enchanted it; who last owned it; who owned it before the last owner did, etc. The information gained can only refer to events that occurred in the past if the time the event occurred in the past would be included in the duration component of the spell, if duration were read backward in time {i.e. measure the duration backward in time, if the event occurred in that interval, then information about it can be revealed by this spell}.

Object Reading, unlike Mystic Vision will give an exact description of an object's functioning and properties, in game rules terms.

If this spell is opposed by sorcery which would conceal the information desired, then it tries to overcome the concealing sorcery by the normal spell vs. spell combat rules.


Object Tracing

Effects of Manipulations are standard

Sorcery Lore Difficulty 10 , Malkion Lore, Jakaleel Lore Difficulty 10


This spell traces a specific object, which must be visualizable by the caster and described by his player.  Tracing a large magical object requires one point of intensity; a small magical, or large normal, object three points of Intensity; while a small normal object requires seven points of Intensity.  The object to be traced must be within the range of the spell.  Each foot of stone between caster and object requires an additional point of intensity.  The Tracing spell gives the caster the current direction of and a feel for the distance to {i.e. what range component would be the minimum required to reach it}.  If two or more objects fit the description, Object Tracing traces the nearest one.  Object Tracing is ineffective on the Spirit and Hero Planes, and in areas where normal spatial relations are distorted.  


Effects of Manipulations are Standard
Rare - Sorcery Lore Difficulty 15 Only

This spell creates a portal that people can move through. The caster needs one point to anchor each end, one point of intensity per three size points of the maximum size creature intended to move through it, one point per wall or foot of rock or so between the two ends, and normal range and duration components. Note that a Portal takes one round to cast, and one round to form; characters can only start moving through it after one round has elapsed between successful casting and first movement.


Poison the Blade
Effects of Manipulations are standard, except range not applicable Rare, Jakaleel or Sorcery Lore Difficulty 15

This spell magically attaches one dose of a poison to a blade, which is in turn released into any target whose skin is pierced by the weapon. If the spell is dispelled, or the duration ends, the poison comes off as liquid and falls to the ground. Attaching a dose requires one point per point of toxicity of the poison. This spell may be combined with Evoke the Potential Weapon Within, but the intensity cost if this is done is doubled.


Poison the Cup
Effects of Manipulations are standard, except range not applicable Rare, Jakaleel or Sorcery Lore Difficulty 15

This spell is similar to Poison the Blade, except that a cup is poison; the poison is released when a liquid is poured into the cup, or at a cost of 5 intensity points, when a specific individual touches the cup.


Effects of Manipulations are standard
Malakin/Malakion, Arkat, Sorcery Lore Difficulty 15 Only

This spell doubles the target's fame points, for purposes of modifying persuasion skill rolls. If target has more then ten fame points, but less than twenty, creatures he is not attacking must overcome a difficulty of five to attack target. If target has between twenty and thirty fame, they must overcome a difficulty of ten to attack target. If target has over thirty fame but less then forty, they must overcome a difficulty of fifteen, etc. Creatures without intelligence are unaffected by Presence. Attacker may modify his int roll for purposes of this spell by ten per ten points of fame (s)he has. Presence dispels Insignificance, and insignificance dispels presence.



Effects of manipulations standard, except Duration Special as described below

Sorcery Lore Difficulty:15 Jakaleel Lore Difficulty:10 Malkion Lore Difficulty:5, ZorakArkat Lore Difficulty:10


This spell tries to use the principle of similarity to restore the body of a living being to the state it was in in the past. Unlike normal spells, the duration manipulation defines how far into the past that the spell reaches for a body image. The actual healing always takes one hour.

The base effect costs two points of intensity, per wound to be healed. It will not affect dead or permanently maimed characters. All wounds must be healed or the spell does not work. Since Time is hard to overcome, to have any effect at all, even a successful casting of Restoration must overcome a difficulty of five. If Restoration has no effect, it cannot be attempted again on that character, until he has been fully healed by other means.

The advanced effect is like the base effect, except that it will affect dead or permanently maimed characters, and must overcome a difficulty of ten, plus the duration cost of the casting, to have any effect at all.

If this spell fails, it cannot be cast again on the creature to be healed until the next day.

Example: Crassus the Crass was maimed yesterday. He has four wounds, and is now at minus one wound. He must be restored to full health, which means five wounds must be healed. He also needs one day's duration, which costs three points. The healer has a skill of 16 with this spell, which means he has three extra points to put into Ease, reducing the cost of casting the spell to ten magic points. With a roll of thirteen, the spell not only works but overcomes the difficulty to cure maiming. Crassus is healed, and ready to start another fight. 


Effects of Manipulations are standard

Sorcery Lore Difficulty 0, Malkion 0, Jakalleel Lore 0

This spell reveals the presence or absence of the thing or substance searched for, if the caster has a sample of that object on his person. Thus, reveal silver would work if the caster had a silver coin, to use in invoking the principle of sympathy in searching for silver. The thing, feeling or what have you, being searched for can also be represented sympbolically; thus Reveal could be used to detect humans with a man rune as the sympathetic object; enemies with a rune for malice; disease with a disease rune, etc.

To make the object(s) revealed glow magically, the caster must put three points of intensity in the spell. To give the caster an intuitive sense of the distance and direction of the nearest instance of the object, mood, spirit, etc searched for, the caster must put five points of intensity into the spell. Solid rock may be penetrated in the search, at a cost of one point of intensity per foot of rock searched.

If someone is trying to hide the object searched for on or within his or her person, then the caster of Reveal must overcome the defender's power per the normal rules for resisting spells.


Effects of Manipulations are standard, except one point of duration buys indefinite {i.e. until dispelled} duration.

Sorcery Lore Difficulty 5, Malkion 0, Jakalleel Lore 0

This spell magically marks an item, with a sigil unique to the caster. Reading, magically analyzing, or removing something from inside the item on which it is cast, breaks the Seal. Whether the Seal is broken or unbroken, and who cast the Seal, are readily visible to anyone with Mystic Vision.


Seize the Essence of The Text
Effects of Manipulations are Standard
Malakin/Malkion, Sorcery Lore Difficulty 15

This spell doubles effective reading speed, for the duration of the spell. It has only one effective level of intensity; one point. For example, a one point one day duration casting of this spell would allow the caster to read one check's worth of materical per day, instead of two. In all other respects, the caster remains subject to the normal rules for reading books.


Shadow Walk

Effects of Manipulations are Standard

Sorcery Lore:10, Jakaleel Lore:0 Malkion Lore:0 ZorakArkat Lore:0

This spell improves Hide skill. Each three points of intensity buys a +1 to the effective die roll, after the roll is made. Increases that would adjust the character's Hide skill roll beyond his skill level increase to skill exactly instead. For example a character with a Hide skill of 16, benefiting from a 12 intensity point Shadow Walk, has a roll of 6 increased to a ten, when resisting Spot Hidden. A 14 is raised to 16, not 18, and a second roll to see if the character criticals may also be attempted.


Sphere of Protection

Effects of Manipulations Standard, except Area Manip added, and Duration Special

Sorcery Difficulty: 5, Jakaleel Difficulty: 10 Malkion Difficulty: 0 ZorakArkat Difficulty:10

This spell protects against incoming magic from a particular deity, pantheon, or school, targeted at any individual inside the sphere. It also tries to stop sense projection into the sphere.

Sphere of Protection is learned as one spell, but when cast must be cast to protect against magic from a specific Deity, Pantheon, or School. Casting to protect against an entire pantheon requires overcoming a difficulty of five. The commonly cast versions of Sphere of Protection protect against: Lunar Pantheon, Orlanth Pantheon, Darkness Pantheon, Jakaleel Sorcery, Arkati Sorcery, Malkioni Sorcery and Unaligned Sorcery.

Also common, and included with the basic knowledge of the spell, are protection against the most common unhealed chaotic cults: Krarsht, Malia, Vivamort, etc. It may be cast to protect vs other pantheons, deities, or schools, if a sorcery lore roll is made.

Casting this spell involves the use of runes appropriate to the deity being protected against, or a non metallic dagger or sword when protecting against sorcery, as props.

Five magic points gets the basic effect; an extra roll, take the higher result, against incoming spells. Spells cast from outside the circle, whose path crosses the boundaries of the sphere, but not aimed at a resisting target inside, are resisted by the Sphere, with a POW equal to that of the caster of the Sphere.

Ten magic points gets a much stronger effect; the equivalent of an extra roll automatically equal to the POWER of the caster, against incoming spells. A Sphere of Protection resists attempts to dispell it as if they were spells cast from outside the sphere aimed at a target inside.

Each pace of radius for the sphere also costs one magic point, this is called the Area Manipulation. A Sphere of Protection spell must have at least one point of Area Manipulation; since anything protected must be completely within the sphere it usually has more.

Episode Duration for Sphere of Protection lasts until the end of the next day, or until the sphere is broken, whichever comes first; at no duration cost.

Sorcerers may enchant amulets, or wards, as protective magic to hold a Sphere of Protection. An Amulet is a one Power point enchantment, created with the Sorcery Enchant skill. Wards are four identical blocks, enchanted at once, costing two Power Points to enchant. An amulet protects one individual, the wearer, even while moving. Wards protect all within a square or rectangle enclosed by the wards. Both hold Sphere of Protection indefinitely, that is, until an incoming spell triggers the Protection. Triggering the Protection automatically invokes the protection, with normal episode duration. When protective wards are laid out, one fourth the length of the longest side of the rectangle they describe is considered equivalent to the radius of the sphere, for purposes of the Area Manipulation. The height and depth of the protected area is equal to half the length of the longest side. Casting Sphere of Protection with wards is more efficient than without.

If a character is a member of two or more schools of sorcery, or is casting a spell which might be treated as coming from different pantheons {for example, a Lunarized Orlanthi, who is casting an Orlanth spell affected by the Lunar cycles}, a problem arises. If a character knows both a school lore and general sorcery lore, treat the spell as if cast by a member of that school. Divine spells are treated as if cast by the deity who granted the spell; thus a Lunarized Orlanthi casting a spell granted by Orlanth is treated as Orlanth pantheon, but if he is also in Seven Mothers, a spell granted by Seven Mothers is treated as Lunar. Weirder situations are best handled by opposed luck roll; the player of the attacker and the player of the caster roll against each other, higher success wins.


Stairs of the Banana Peel

Effects of Manipulations are standard, except Duration.

Very Rare, Sorcery Lore Difficulty 10


Copied from a Trickster Spell of the same name {though the Trickster version is also known as FumbleFoot}, this spell makes an area of ground or stone slippery.  Everybody crossing it, or trying to fight in it, must overcome the intensity of the spell with a Dexterity roll {D20less than or equal to DEX, but greater than spell Intensity}.  If they fail, they fall down.  They cannot move, cast spells, or fight, until they stand up, which may be done within the area if they can beat the spell Intensity with a Dex roll, or if they crawl out of the slippery area and make an unopposed Dex roll.  The Duration component of this spell is unusual, since it does not begin until someone steps in the ensorcelled area.  This spell is always a hard skill.


Effects of manipulations are standard
Jakaleel Lore, ZorakArkat Lore, Sorcery Lore Difficulty 15

This spell grants the beneficiary to sense things in darkness as if he were a troll. Perception skills used with TrollSense are limited by the intensity of the TrollSense spell. Thus a character with a Spot Hidden of 15 trying to use it through an intensity 10 TrollSense has an effective Spot Hidden of 10. Since TrollSense is not vision, magical vision enhancing spells such as Mystic Vision do not work through TrollSense.


Vision Projection
Effects of Manipulations are standard

Sorcery Lore Difficulty 5, Malkion 0, Jakalleel Lore 0

One point of intensity creates a viewpoint, additional points allow that viewpoint to be moved 10 paces per point of intensity, at a rate equal to human walking speed. The viewpoint is invisible to normal, but not to mystical vision. It need not be anchored on a physical object. It may be hidden from magical vision, this is done using the viewer's Hide skill. Magic may be cast by or at the caster, as if the caster were where his viewpoint is. The viewpoint may not be moved through solid rock, or in any other way impossible to the viewer personally, were he standing where the viewpoint is. This spell may be combined with vision enhancement spells, such as Image Intensification, Image Resolution, or Alertness. Divine magic may be combined with this spell, if and only if, the deity approves of sorcery and knows sorcery him or herself {that is, sorcery spells are also cult skills.


Vision From the Past
Effects of all manipulations except Duration are standard
Malkion Lore, Sorcery Lore Difficulty 15

This spell allows the target to see into the past, starting at a specificed time no earlier than the current time minus the duration component of the spell, for ten minutes. This vision is exactly as if the target were standing then, where the target is standing now. This vision of the past lasts for ten minutes, or until the target starts to move. This spell does not carry the effects of other sense enhancing spells, such as Mystic Vision, with it; nor does it confer any unusual ability {i.e. any ability other than the unaided vision of the target} to defeat spells such as Insignificance.


Voice Projection
Effects of manipulations are standard.

Sorcery Lore Difficulty 5, Malkion 0, Jakalleel Lore 0

This spell is like Vision Projection, except that the voice is projected. One point of intensity projects normal voice, two points of intensity projects either a whisper or a loud voice, four points will project a very quiet whisper, barely audible to the recipient if it is in his ear, or a loud shout. Eight points allows a great shout, as loud as the human voice can get.



Effects of manipulations are standard.

Sorcery Lore Difficulty 5, Malkion 0, Jakalleel Lore 0


Five points of intensity adds half again to the movement of the target, if and only if it is moving on land. Ten points of intensity doubles it. Fifteen points of intensity multiplies land movement speed by two and a half. This multiplications occurs after all other modifiers, for example characters slowed by mud are first slowed and then sped up. This spell has no other effects.