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Magic Concepts


Basic Concepts

Power and Magic Points

To understand these magic rules, you need to be aware of two basic concepts, power, and magic points. Power is the mana, or intrinsic magical strength of a character, creature, or spirit's soul. Magic points are a derived measure, in effect the cost of spell casting or other magical activities. A character normally starts out with magic points equal to his POW, but some enchantments and supernatural crystals can store or increase magic points, and the casting of sorcery spells and damage in spirit combat can reduce them.

Types of Magic

There are three basic types of magic, divine, shamanic, and sorcerous. These categories are not exhaustive; alchemy could be considered magical, and there is some "natural magic", that works without fitting into these categories.

Divine magic works on the basic concept of sacrifice; the caster of divine magic (also known as theurgy}, sacrifices Power to acquire a spell, and magic points to regain it. The number of power points sacrificed, the difficulty of the sacrificial ritual, etc, vary with the power of the spell and its relationship to the powers of the deity.

Shamanic magic is a grab bag assortment of things, basically relying on dealings with spirits. This includes interpetation of dream sendings, attempting to awaken the spirits of animals and what most people consider objects {swords for example}, invoking friendly spirits with exotic magical powers and allowing them to partially possess the shaman, and vision quest like adventures on the spirit plane. It should be noted most shamans go in for only a couple of these practices, and it would be very rare to find a shamanic magician who believed in and used all the approaches lumped into the category of shamanic magic.

Sorcery is the art of producing the effects the sorceror desires by the application of his Power to shape the world as he desires. In game terms, it involves the expenditure of Power to produce enchantments and magic points to produce spells.

Spending and Regaining Magic Points

A character starts with a number of magic points equal to his Power characteristic. These may be spent on sorcery spells at the time of casting, in accordance with the sorcery rules, where each point of sorcery manipulation used requires one magic point to cast. They may also be spent on regaining divine magic spells in a ceremony, where four magic points are required for each point of divine magic regained. Magic points are also used as hit points in spirit combat {for more detail, see the spirit combat rules}, and to power some shamanic, spiritual and demonic powers.

A character's starting magic points may be increased by some exotic magical items. Also, sorcerors can make enchantments which store magic points for later use, allowing the sorceror to regain the magic points he has stored and increasing his total pool of magic points available for spell casting.

Normal characters regain magic points at a rate of one quarter of their POW, rounded down, per day. This can be increased by some magical crystals, and on a one time basis by magic point restoring potions.

Example: Oktar, not primarily a magician, has a POW of nine. This gives him nine magic points, and the ability to regain two magic points per day.

Increasing Power

A character gets a "power check" whenever his player rolls a crit on spellcasting skill or ability {i.e. exact max POW plus less than POW on D20 for non skill based spells}, or on the magical skills of Ceremony, Enchant, Summon, Meditation, or Mystic Dance. Note that a roll on Meditation or Mystic Dance takes a game week, so they are hardly a quick route to power. A player may also choose to use one of his character's experience checks as a power check. These power checks are rolled exactly as if Power were a magickal skill.

Power checks are always side effects. A character can never gain a power check from an action intended primarily or exclusively to get a power check. The purpose of Meditation and Mystic Dance is considered to be attaining Enlightenment, not increasing Power.

Combining Magic Types

When differing magic types are combined {sorcery, spirit, etc}, the bonus to any property is the result of the highest _individual_ spell, not the total.