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Chapter 1 (Character) 

This site contains alternative rules which can be used to play within the Glorantha Universe.  Originally, these rules were written after the death of the proposed RQ4 rules.  Since 1997, this set of rules has grown to a fairly mature game.  Additionally, we setup a discussion board about the rules.  You can find it at:

Ray can be reached at:

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These rules are NOT official Glorantha rules. Official Glorantha rules have been announced for publication in 1999 and I recommend everyone interested in Glorantha to purchase the rules when they become available. Glorantha, Hero Wars, and Issaries, Inc. are trademarks of Issaries, Inc..

  Chapter 2 (Skills)
  Chapter 3 (Combat)
  Chapter 4 (Magic)
  Chapter 5 (Divine)
  Chapter 6 (Shaman)
  Chapter 7 (Sorcery)
  Chapter 8 (Monsters)
  Chapter 9 (Misc)
  Chapter 10 (Appendix)